Werden Keeler

Professor Emeritus: Ph.D. (U. of Alberta)

Experimental Biological and Optical Physics

multiphoton excitation and imaging,

applications of optics to cancer research.

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Research Interests:

·         Optical Imaging of tagged and untagged live Cancer Cell lines before and after treatment with various therapies.

·          Studies of wavelength dependent optical dose kill-rates for bacteria and cancer cells.

·         Applications of ultrafast Ti:sapphire laser  pulses to multiphoton imaging in biological systems.

Recent Refereed Publications:

Natasha Vermuelen, Werden J. Keeler, Kanavillil Nandakumar, Kam Tin Leung, 2008 ‘The Bactericidal Effect of Ultraviolet and Visible Light on Escherichia coli’, published in  Biotechnology and Bioengineering Journal, Vol. 99, 550-556.

Sylvie Landry, Lawrence DeGagne, Peter McGhee and Werden Keeler, 2007, ‘Oblique incidence reflection imaging of live cells: improving contrast and image quality with an objective mask,'  Journal of Microscopy, 227, Issue:2 August pp. 185-189.

Kanavillil Nandakumar, Werden Keeler, Heidi Schraft and Kam T Leung, 2006 ‘Visible laser and UV-A radiation impact on a PNP degrading Moraxella strain and its rpoS mutant’, Biotechnology and Bioengineering Journal, Vol. 94, 793-802.

Sylvie Landry, Peter L. McGhee, and Werden J. Keeler, 2006, ‘Time-lapse imaging of untagged therapeutically treated cells in cultures’, American Biotechnology Lab, Vol.24, April 20-22.

Editor Gary Boas, January 2005, ‘Oblique incidence reflection offers alternatives to live-cell imaging’ - Biophotonics International, a magazine highlighting recent research in this field, published an article describing the advantages of our work initially published in Optics Express. 53-54.

S. Landry, P. L. McGhee, R. J. Girardin, and W. J. Keeler, 2004, ‘Monitoring live cell viability: Comparative study of fluorescence, oblique incidence reflection and phase contrast microscopy imaging techniques,’  Opt. Express 12, 5754-5759.

Cover Page Images ‘Autofluorescence Images of Cancer Infused Tissue’. Canadian Organization of Medical Physicists magazine, July 2002.

Conference Proceedings:

 S. Landry, R.J.Girardin, P.L. McGhee, and W. J. Keeler, ‘Quantifying UVA light induced cell damage in lymphocytes observed by OIR Microscopy’, presented by S. Landry at the Microscopy and Microanalysis 2007 Meeting, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, August 5-9 (2007).

 S. Landry, John P. H. Th’ng, B. Arjune, P. L. McGhee and W. J. Keeler, ‘Long-term low-intensity live cell imaging of therapeutically treated cells in culture’, presented by S. Landry at the Microscopy and Microanalysis 2005 Meeting, Honolulu, Hawaii, July 31 to August 4 (2005).

Papers Presented at Learned Societies:

C.Sereres, W.Keeler and P.Lee, 2008,'Real-time Effluent Biomonitoring: The Toxicity Early Warning System (TEWS)' , poster presented by C.Sereres at the 35th Aquatic Toxicity Workshop, October, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Winner of the Third Place Student Poster Award.

Natasha Vermeulen, Werden Keeler, Kanavillil Nandakumar, and Kam T Leung, 2006, ‘The Effects of Ultra Violet and Visible Light on Bacterial Mortality: A Spectral Analysis (230nm-532nm) , poster presented at the Canadian Society of Microbiologists Conference, June, London, ON.

N. Kanavillil, C.V. Heyden, K. Sreekumari, W. Keeler, H. Schraft K. T. Leung, Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, ON., 2005, ‘Laser Irradiation impact on Bacteria and the Role of rpoS Genes in the Stress Response of Moraxella SP., poster presented at the Canadian Society of Microbiologists Conference, June12-15, Halifax, NS.

S. Landry, P. L. McGhee, R  J. Girardin, and W. J. Keeler, 2004, ‘Comparative microscopic imaging of live cells using fluorescence, oblique, phase and laser excitation techniques’, presented by S. Landry at the American Physical Society March Meeting, Montreal, Canada, March 22 to 26.

M. Ingram, P. Lee, Walter Momot, Werden Keeler,  Development of a toxicity Early Warning System (TEW) for pulp and paper effluent’. 25th American and 4th World Congress, Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, (SETAC) November 2004, Seattle WA.

W.J. Keeler, Lakehead University, Physics, J.Th'ng and P. McGhee, Northwestern Ontario Regional Cancer Centre,  ‘Two Photon Imaging Microscope for Biological Physics Research’, WesCan Medical Physics Conference, 2002, March 23-25, Thunder Bay, ON.

W.J.Keeler, 2002, ‘Analog Scanned Two Photon Imaging Microscope with CCD detection’  . Poster presentation at the Canadian Association of Physics Conference, June 2-5, Quebec City, Quebec.

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